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Book cover: Be, Awake, Create

Be, Awake, Create : mindful practices to spark creativity / Rebekah Younger.

This unique guide for artists and writers offers a guided journey into contemplative art for healing, relaxation, deeper connection, and increased well-being. With this beautiful guide;full of inspiring and introspective prompts;readers will broaden their perspective to see beyond habitual patterns, discover the richness of their interior world, and recognize the ordinary magic of their own creativity with greater freshness of expression and spontaneity. (New Harbinger Pub.)

Book cover: Best self

Best Self : be you, only better / Mike Bayer.

A well-known life coach, personal development coach, and addiction specialist provides a program to help readers examine where their lives are now and determine who they want to be. (Baker & Taylor)

Book cover: The Clutter Remedy

The Clutter Remedy : a guide to getting organized for those who love their stuff / Marla Stone.

The corporate organizer behind the I-Deal-Lifestyle consulting company outlines friendly approaches for clearing out and aesthetically arranging home clutter, sharing creative advice for custom spaces that facilitate energy, clarity and practicality. (Atlas Pub.)

Book cover: The Courage to be Happy

The Courage to Be Happy : discover the power of positive psychology and choose happiness every day / Ichiro Kishimi and Fumiktaki Koga.

In this follow-up to the international phenomenon The Courage to Be Disliked, discover how to reconnect with your true self, experience true happiness, and live the life you want. What if one simple choice could unlock your destiny? (Simon & Schuster)

Book cover: Do What Feels Good

Do What Feels Good : recipes, remedies and routines to treat your body right / Hannah Bronfman with Sandra Bark.

The social media influencer and fashion maven presents a lifestyle guide to attaining optimal health and wellness by establishing a routine that emphasizes pleasure and satisfaction over punishment and deprivation. (Baker & Taylor)

Book Cover: Dr. Kellyann's Cleanse and Reset

Dr. Kellyann’s Cleanse and Reset : detoxify, nourish, and restore your body for sustained weight loss…in just 5 days / Kellyann Petrucci.

The best-selling author of Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth Diet outlines a Keto- and Paleo-friendly rapid reset cleanse that provides recipes for dairy-and grain-free smoothies, shakes and soups designed to eliminate toxins, replenish nutrient supplies and restore energy. (Atlas Pub.)

Book cover: Feed Your Soul

Feed Your Soul : nutritional wisdom to lose weight permanently and live fulfilled / Carly Pollack.

Marries the science of the body with the wisdom of intuition to show how changing your mind will change your life, your health, and your body, presented with practical solutions and a sense of humor. (Persus Pub.)

Book cover: How Not to Diet

How Not to Diet : the groundbreaking science of healthy, permanent weightloss / Michael Greger.

The best-selling author of How Not to Die draws on the latest research into the scientific causes of obesity and weight loss to outline, plant-based strategies involving calorie density, the insulin index and intestinal microbiota. (health & fitness). (Atlas Pub.)

Book Cover: Success Habits for Dummies

Success Habits for Dummies / Dirk Zeller.

Whether we like it or not, a big part of what we do in life is governed by habits. Even more importantly, habits can lead us to think and feel in certain patterns. Since habits are so powerful, it's worth paying attention to the ones that are most effective. Inside, bestselling author Dirk Zeller provides tried-and-true advice on creating, building, and cultivating winning habits to achieve success.  (Wiley)

Book Cover: To Hell with the Hustle

To Hell with the Hustle : reclaiming your life in an overworked, overspent and overconnected world / Jefferson Bethke.

This is your wake-up call to resist the Hustle culture and embrace the slowness of Jesus. Join Bethke as he discovers that the very things the world teaches us to avoid at all costs--silence, obscurity, solitude, and vulnerability--are the very things that can give us the meaning, and the richness we are truly looking for. (Thomas Nelson)