October is Vegetarian Awareness Month

The library offers a wide variety of resources on vegetarianism. Here are a few of them. Click on the book cover or title to be taken directly to the library's catalog to check for availability and/or to place your holds.


The bloodless revolution : a cultural history of vegetarianism from 1600 to modern times / Tristram Stuart.

A cultural and political history of vegetarianism explains how puritanical revolutionaries, European Hinduphiles, and visionary scientists conspired to overthrow Western society's fierce devotion to the consumption of meat, tracing three centuries of the movement from eighteenth-century converts to Hinduism to present-day environmentalism and the animal rights movement. (Atlas Pub.)


The complete idiot’s guide to plant-based nutrition / Julieanna Hever.

Presents an introduction to a plant-based diet, discussing such topics as vegan food groups, vitamins, ingredient substitutions, and weight loss, with recipes for soups, vegetables, main dishes, and desserts. (Baker & Taylor)


The first mess cookbook : vibrant, plant-based recipes to eat well through the seasons / Laura Wright.

An award-winning food blogger offers 125 seasonal, whole-food recipes along with gorgeous photography and charming storytelling including Fluffy Whole Grain Pancakes, Romanesco Confetti Salad With Meyer Lemon Dressing, Roasted Eggplant and Olive Bolognese and Earl Grey and Vanilla Bean Tiramisu. (Atlas Pub.)


Food is the solution : what to eat to save the world : 80+ recipes for a greener planet and a healthier you / Matthew Prescott.

A senior food policy director for the Humane Society presents a sumptuously designed cookbook of environmentally friendly, healthy, plant-based recipes that can be a major part of supporting key collective agendas in ecological responsibility and sustainability. (Atlas Pub.)


Hot for food vegan comfort classics : 101 recipes to feed your face / Lauren Toyota.

Combining comfort food with vegan cooking, a fun and creative cookbook from a YouTube sensation provides more than 100 recipes, including Baked Bean Tostadas With Collard Greens, Beer-battered Filet-o-tempeh Sandwich, Baked Blueberry Cheesebake, Coconut "Bacon," and much more. (Atlas Pub.)


How to cook everything vegetarian : simple meatless recipes for great food / Mark Bittman.

The award-winning author of Food Matters presents a wide-ranging, updated guide to meatless cooking that supports health, sustainability and ethics, incorporating into the new edition more vegan options and a chapter on smoothies, teas and more. (Atlas Pub.)


The modern savage : our unthinking decision to eat animals / James E. McWilliams.

An analysis of the "compassionate carnivore" movement assesses the actual ethical qualities of humane animal products to explore the moral and economic plausibility of widespread veganism. (Atlas Pub.)


The new becoming vegetarian : the essential guide to a healthy vegetarian diet / Vesanto Melina.

This guide provides statistics on vegetarian eating, as well as up-to-date information on the science behind why vegetarians have an advantage when it comes to their health. Learn what the experts have to say about how to construct a vegetarian diet that meets all your nutritional needs. (Healthy Living Pub.)


Sheet pan suppers meatless : 100 surprising vegetarian meals straight from the oven / Raquel Pelzel.

A collection of one-sheet meals provides a wealth of options for vegetarian, flexitarian, vegan, gluten-free and otherwise health-centric or allergen-aware diets, from No-Boil Mac and Cheese and Roasted Tomato Gazpacho to Sesame-Miso Kale Chips and Sticky Toffee Pudding. (Atlas Pub.)


The ultimate vegan cookbook for your Instant Pot : 80 easy and delicious plant-based recipes you can make in half the time / Kathy Hester.

Presents vegan cooking using an instant pot, describing how to use the device and providing a collection of recipes for main courses, desserts, sides, and homemade staples. (Baker & Taylor)


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