OverDrive eBook Sizzlers

OverDrive Sizzler logoAre you waiting in line for that new popular eBook?  We have good news for you.  Your wait time just got shorter with our new "Sizzler" version of new and popular eBooks from our OverDrive collection.

Any eBook title with 4 or more holds will only check out for a maximum of 14 days, regardless of a user's default checkout settings for eBooks.  Once the hold list decreases to under 4 holds per title, the default settings for eBook checkouts go back into effect.

This new setting for eBooks does NOT apply to eAudiobooks, which can still check out for a maximum of 21 days regardless of the number of holds for that title.

This new Sizzler setting for OverDrive, will move popular eBooks more quickly through waiting lists and onto your eReader devices sooner.

Posted by OttoP on July 5, 2018