Philip Levine, 1928-2015

"Don't scorn your life just because it's not dramatic, or it's impoverished, or it looks dull, or it's workaday. Don't scorn it. It is where poetry is taking place if you've got the sensitivity to see it, if your eyes are open."    --Philip Levine

And Philip Levine's eyes were open - open to the joy, the pain, and the day-to-day wonders of life. He won numerous awards for his poetry and was our 2011-2012 Poet Laureate, among other things, but read his poetry - that is where the wonder is. Read his poems and about his life and you will find they are one and the same - seemingly ordinary but full of beauty and splendor.

Rest in peace, Philip Levine. We will miss you. In fact, we already do.


Posted by SylviaA on February 16, 2015