Range of Motion

Elizabeth Berg drew on her nursing exprience to write the lovely Range of Motion about a man in a coma and his wife who keeps believing and trying everything she can think of to wake him up. Berg's writing style is so comfortable that the book really is difficult to put down. You have the wife's perspective, the hospital staff's perspective, the daughter's perspective, and even the husband's perspective while in a coma. The reader can't help but pull for the husband to wake up, and you just have to keep reading to find out what will happen. There is also a fascinating side story focusing on the wife's best friend and neighbor. You don't see the revelation of that side story coming. Published in 1995, Range of Motion is a wonderful short novBerg headshotel that promotes never giving up. 

Elizabeth Berg will be right here at Library HQ on Saturday, April 13 at 2:30 in Meeting Room A. 

Posted by FionaL on April 10, 2019