The Rise & Fall of the Gallivanters by M. J. Beaufrand

The Rise and Fall of the Gallivanters is a book based in the 1980s in Portland, Oregon. It's in the middle of the punk scene and during the explosion of the artist known as David Bowie.

The main character, Noah, is a teenage punk rocking kid with a green Mohawk and his friends are Evan with rainbow dreads, Crock and the 'Old Girls', named Sonia with a rattail and Jaime with an asymmetrical permed bob.

These kids are rocking the 1980s style, music scene and the drama of high school and putting their band back together for one night that the PfefferBrau Fest, to be the rockers they all are.

There's so much that goes on with this book, even in its 279 pages. This book isn't one for the faint of hearts. There's a lot of heavy and dark things that are covered in this book such as mental abuse, physical abuse, domestic abuse, cancer, death, kidnapping, violence, inner turmoil and suicide just to cover the bases.

Even with all of the use of the heavy topics mentioned above, the author in no way glorifies, glamorizes these elements, but merely uses them to tell a story. Nor does the author use these elements in a gratuitous way, there's a purpose for everything that's mentioned.

Despite all of the darkness that comes with the heavy topics that are covered in this book, it's heartfelt and as you read the story you relate to the characters as they face such hardships. I would say that there are elements of each of the characters that I found myself recognizing in people I knew and even within myself. To me, this is what makes a character worth reading and worth knowing.

As an adult, there were a few moments where I found myself become emotional over this book. It's definitely one that you should read in spurts. But when you do, and you read the ending there's the cathartic release for both the protagonist and for you as the reader.

It's just a well written book and a shame for anyone not to read.


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Posted by AngelaM on November 14, 2016