Seeds of Greatness by Richard Burton

Join Richard Burton, author of the recently published book on Florida High School Football State Championship History, 1963-current, "Seeds of Greatness." Burton is a native of Florida and his background as a football player, coach, reporter, radio commentator, historian, teacher, and fan has led him to write this book. In a unique volume, Burton includes a recap of all 4,163 Playoff Games from 1963-2017, the State Polls entering the Playoff Games, District Tiebreakers, the Wins over No. 1 Ranked Teams, Exciting Action Photos, The Best of the Best Tournament Records by Teams and Individual Players. This is the first time a history of every single Florida High School football playoff game has been compiled into one volume. Every High School Across the State of Florida that competed in a Championship Series Game is compiled in this volume. 

Burton will present his book on Sunday, Feb. 10 at 2 p.m. at the Headquarters Branch in Meeting Room B

Posted by FionaL on January 25, 2019