Summer at the Library - Fancy Birds and Parrots

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Fancy Birds and Parrots  @ the Library Partnership

Thursday, July 11th; 11:30 AM

Come visit with some fancy exotic birds and parrots, including some babies.  The Gainesville Bird Fanciers and US Parrots, North Florida's resource for parrot and bird information, will be bringing some of their favorite fine feathered friends to "show and tell" and possibly even some live performing.

Learn some of the wrongs and rights of owning these sometimes challenging creatures and hear real life stories from experienced pet owners and breeders, and you will have the opportunity to come up close and personal with both adult and baby parrots.

Also, check out some of these items to help you learn more about owning and taking care of a pet parrot or other bird pet

Sibley birds East : field guide to birds of eastern North America   Parrot parenting book cover   Parrots   Kakapo rescue     The Sibley guide to bird life & behavior 

The meaning of birds   Peterson field guide to birds of eastern and central North America   Birds from Head to Tail   Fly with me : a celebration of birds through pictures, poems, and stories    All about birds DVD   


Posted by CindyB on July 9, 2019