"In the Time of the Butterflies" Review by Teen Volunteer Janecia

After reading In the Time of the Butterflies by Julia Alvarez, this is what Janecia had to say...


"In the Time of the Butterflies is a wonderful book to read if you are the kind of person that likes a little of almost every genre in one book. This book tells the true story of four sisters and how they died for what they believed in. I think that the story is a great read because of its organization. There is a chapter for each and every one of the sisters, this way you can see their point of view from each situation. I like that about this book because it shows the sisters’ thought process, as well. I believe that the story is set up very well and the reader is definitely able to see what kind of character each sister is. I, especially, like the title of the book, it is simply a summary of the book in a nutshell. The title shows how each sister changes throughout the course of the story (like a butterfly and its changing cycle). What I think is most important about the story is how the sisters evolve throughout the novel. Each one of the sisters struggle with who they really are, and as the story progresses, they begin to realize their true character. Not only this, but each of them becomes very brave and courageous, and that is another reason as to why I grew very fond of this story. In the Time of the Butterflies is an amazing story with an unpredictable plot line and I would recommend it to anyone who likes reading wonderful novels like this one."


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Posted by AngelaM on December 7, 2016