Voices from the Autism Spectrum

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Book Cover: Autism in Heels

Autism in heels : the untold story of a female life on the Spectrum / Jennifer O’Toole

The author of the Asperkids series offers an intimate memoir about her life and her diagnosis with Asperger's syndrome, sharing her struggles and her journey self-discovery and dispelling myths about life on the autism spectrum. (Baker & Taylor)

Book Cover: Getting a Life with Asperger's

Getting a life with Asperger’s : lessons learned on the bumpy road to adulthood / Jesse Saperstein.

A life guide for people on the autism spectrum explains how to manage things like building romantic relationships, navigating college life, and dealing with bullying. (Baker & Taylor)

Book Cover: Good Trouble

Good trouble : building a successful life with Asperger’s / Joe Biel.

"Set in Cleveland and Portland, this memoir follows a man's struggles in his business and personal relationships until, in his 30s, he is diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome" (Persus Pub.)

Book Cover: Just Add Water

Just add water : a surfing savant’s journey with Asperger’s / Clay Marzo.

From the best freestyle surfer in the world, an inspiring and moving memoir about his ascendance to the top of the surfing world while struggling, undiagnosed for most of his young life, with Asperger’s syndrome. (Houghton)

Book Cover: Look Me in the Eye

Look me in the eye : my life with Asperger’s / John Elder Robison.

The author describes life growing up different in an odd family, his unusual talents, his struggle to live a "normal" life, his diagnosis at the age of forty with Asperger's syndrome, and the dramatic changes that have occurred since that diagnosis. (Baker & Taylor)

Book Cover: My Autistic Awakening

My autistic awakening : unlocking the potential for a life well-lived / Rachael Lee Harris.

Autism rates are on the rise, and many parents wonder what the lives of their children may be like in the future. This story of one woman’s experience growing up with Asperger’s illustrates both the experiences and obstacles someone on the spectrum may face—and offers hope that they may lead successful, rewarding, and very rich lives. (Rowman and Littlefield)

Book Cover: Odd Girl Out

Odd girl out : my extraordinary autistic life / Laura James.

The author, a journalist who is married and a mother, describes her discovery as an adult that she is autistic, how it explains her lifelong feeling that she does not fit in, her struggles to cope, and her approach to her work and her home life. (Baker & Taylor)

Book Cover: Pretending to be Normal

Pretending to be normal : living with Asperger’s Syndrome (Autism Spectrum Disorder) / Liane Holliday Willey.

An autism consultant, researcher and author of books on autism spectrum disorder recounts how she grew up as undiagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, and was later diagnosed as an adult. (Atlas Pub.)

Book Cover: The Reason I Jump

The reason I jump ; the inner voice of a thirteen-year old by with Autism / Naoki Higashida.

A journey into the mind of a remarkable thirteen-year-old Japanese boy with severe autism shares firsthand insights into a variety of experiences associated with the disorder, from behavioral traits and misconceptions to perceptions about the world. (Baker & Taylor)

Book Cover: Thinking in Pictures

Thinking in pictures : and other reports from my life with Autism / Temple Grandin.

Celebrated for her unique empathy with animals, the animal scientist describes how she and other victims of autism perceive the world, and relates the ways in which she has been able to adapt and have a successful career. (Atlas Pub.)