We're down to 8...

Will Caroline Ingalls dominate Wilma Flintstone?  What are the odds of Mrs. Bennett vs. Morticia Addams?

Come in to the Newberry Branch Library and vote this week!  You get one ballot just for coming in, but your votes add up based on the number of things you check out.  So if you really like Clair Huxtable better than Princess Leia, come check out a bunch of books and DVDs so that your votes count for more.

Voting will take place April 18-23, and results will be posted on Facebook, our website, and the display board in the Newberry meeting room (BTW, did you know that you can reserve and use Library meeting rooms for free?!) on Tuesday, April 24.

So come vote while there's time!  And remember, voters who choose the winning mom will be in a drawing for a cool bookish prize!

Posted by LisaF on April 18, 2018