Writing Workshop with Matt Sherman


Writing Workshop with Matt Sherman

Saturday, October 10 from 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Headquarters Library, Meeting Room A

Have you dreamed of writing your own fiction or nonfiction but need help to get started? Do you have work you are interested in publishing or polishing then publishing? Local author Matt Sherman would like to help.


This exciting seminar will fire up participants and get their creative juices flowing. Ask questions, interact and learn about: 

  • Getting poetry and prose into print successfully
  • Building effective grammar and style and knowing when to break the rules
  • Design elements that make a book sell
  • When and how to use introductions, indexes and endorsements effectively
  • Choosing subject matter and testing and marketing your work
  • Earning money for writing, even before a book is complete
  • Working on deadlines and when to use or not use writing outlines
  • When and how to self-publish work or bring it to a publisher or agent
  • How top writers synthesize ideas, research facts, and hone dialogue

Sherman has both self-published books and written for top publishers and agents including Cengage Learning, the largest education publisher in print and About.com, one of the world’s most visited websites with over half-a-billion readers annually.