OverDrive Digital Collection: Tips for new users


  • Anyone may search the OverDrive catalog without logging in. most OverDrive items are also in the regular ACLD catalog.
  • Have your library card number and PIN ready before putting items into your Overdrive cart. You will need your card number and PIN to check out, and items in your cart expire after 30 minutes. Get a Library Card.

Getting started


  • The Guided Tour is time well spent, and you can choose which sections to watch. From any OverDrive page, click on the My Help box for help geared to your computer (PC or Mac) and device (Android, iPhone, etc.)
  • We recommend installing the necessary digital software, Adobe Digital Editions for eBooks and OverDrive Media Console for audiobooks, before checking out items. Do not try to download any media to your computer until after the software is installed.
  • It's best to decide which format(s) you're interested in checking out before browsing the catalog. Links at the left allow you to browse by Collections, including media type (audiobooks, eBooks, video, music, etc.)
  • The Search box in the center allows selection of a specific format for your search. 
  • For best results, use the Overdrive Media Console to transfer media to your media player. 

Other details

  • Items that are currently checked out will not have an Add to Cart link; a Place A Hold will be available instead.
  • The Checkout and Holds system in Overdrive is completely separate from the library catalog's system.
  • Some items are available for unlimited checkouts and there's never a need to place a hold. Watch for items marked "always available."
  • Audiobooks will stay on your account for the entire lending period, when they automatically expire. eBooks can be "returned" early from Adobe Digital Editions. If you use the Kindle format, you may return eBooks early from your Amazon.com "Manage My Kindle" page.
  • You may set shorter lending periods if you want to be able check out other items sooner. Go to My OverDrive Account and select the Lending Periods link to select your default lending periods. Every time you check out, you have the option to shorten or lengthen your lending period for each item.
  • Extensive online Help pages are available. Call your branch or email Headquarters reference if you need additional assistance.