Tax Talks with Holly Allen

taxCommunity partner, Liberty Tax specialist, Holly Allen, will present a new series at Library Headquarters starting on Wednesday evening, August 21. Tax Talks with Holly Allen will cover numerous tax topics in monthly sessions. The first session is set for 6:00 pm in Meeting Room A. All sessions are scheduled for Wednesday evenings at 6:00 pm. Rooms vary, so please check the room for the topic. 

The monthly schedule is as follows:

Aug. 21- Independent Business Consulting. This talk is geared towards business owners like Mary Kay, Avon, Scentsy and anybody who has small businesses or have side work jobs. They usually receive 1099s for the tax year or keep records of income and expenses. We will discuss ways to keep records and what is needed to file taxes and what estimated taxes are and when they are due.

Sept. 19- W4s- Find out about employer withholding.

Oct. 23- Direct Service - For individuals, such as clergy and salespeople- Foundation Room. (Cancelled)

Nov. 20- Seniors- What you need to know about deductions and the new 1040- Meeting Room A (Cancelled)

Dec. 11- College- What you need and the credits you are entitled to- Foundation Room. (Cancelled)

Jan. 15- Child Tax Credit- Meeting Room B. 

Feb. 19- College Tax Credits - Everything you need to know about any College Tax Credits that has changed and how it will affect you- Meeting Room B. (This topic was changed to make up for the missed Dec. topic).

Mar. 18- 1040s- How to read the new 1040 and what changes have been made or added- Meeting Room B.

Apr. 1- Seniors- There are new forms for Seniors. Find out what you need to know.- Foundation Room.- ( This topic was changed to make up for the missed November topic). 

Posted by FionaL on December 1, 2019