The Boy in the Black Suit by Jason Reynolds

Jason Reynolds is such a good writer. I haven't been disappointed by him once, and his 2015 novel The Boy in thejason Black Suit delivers. The main character is Matt, 17, and he's recently lost his mother. Since his schoolwork load is pretty light, he wants to get a job to fill up some time, so he's in the process of filling out an application at a chicken joint when the owner of the local funeral home, the same one that held his mom's service, comes in, and Matt learns that he is looking for some help too. Sboyo Matt decides to take a job at the funeral home. For that, he needs to wear a black suit. But what Matt hadn't expected was the feeling he got when he sat in the back row of funerals for people that he didn't even know. 

The other plot line that runs through this novel is the love story. Matt meets Love, yes, that's her name. 

Check out The Boy in the Black Suit to read the whole story. It's worth it. Especially if you know what it is to lose someone you love. 

Posted by FionaL on May 27, 2021