Check-out our seeds

Seeds are little bundles of specialized DNA that under the right conditions unfurl their forms to fulfill their genetic destiny. 

Seed Saving is a practice of collecting, and preserving seeds from healthy plants that thrive in a specific area. One of the primary goals of the seed-saver is to preserve local variations and protect the diversity of plants. Locally, groups like Grow Gainesville and the Southern Heritage Seed Collective have been promoting seed collection to local groups throughout Alachua County.  We are building communities with seeds and I urge you, if you have an interest in growing things, to come check out our seeds.

High Springs Branch has a dedicated Seed Savers group that meets the last Tuesday of every month at 7pm. There is usually a guest speaker and participants bring seeds, plants, and maybe a potluck to share.

Other branches with seed and gardening programs include Micanopy Branch, Hawthorne Branch, Cone Park, and Alachua Branch.

Below are some materials we have available for check-out:



Posted by JoanneT on November 26, 2018