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dapper adj. a. Neatly dressed; trim. b. Very stylish in dress

What does appearance mean to you? Are you judged by how you look?

The Dapperville Gentlemen’s Organization will be coming to the Cone Park branch library on November 18th at 3 PM. Gent Johnathan Alexander will be on hand to discuss what appearance means and how it changes the response you get from the world. Find out what employers are looking for in applicants and how to dress for success!

The Dapperville Gentlemen's Organization's purpose is to strengthen, empower and motivate the minds of young men and women while educating them on the importance of appearance. We at Dapperville believe that the future of our country lies within the minds of the young men and women who look to us as a positive example. We believe that improving your appearance and the way you present yourself to the world will improve your results, the response you get from the world and most importantly... YOU!!!. "Dapperville Forever" - Johnathan D. Alexander

All ages, men and women are invited to come to this program!

To learn more about Dapperville, check out their website. They are also on Instagram and Facebook.

Dapperville Gents

Photo by Tommy Jonas, one of the Dapperville Gents.

Some Motivation from Johnathan Alexander

Posted by NaomiB on October 10, 2016