Write. Right. Rite. with Jason Reynolds

Jason Reynolds Write. Right. Rite.  Jason Reynolds, the seventh National Ambassador for Young People's Literature has created a fantastic video series called Write. Right. Rite. The series consists of 10 videos that encourage viewers to be authentic and write their own stories. The videos were released during April and May, and can be found at the Library of Congress and on the Library of Congress's YouTube channel.

In this time of social distancing and uncertainty, I have used the story prompts in these videos to take a moment to feel good. Below, I am sharing my response to his Create a Fictional Tattoo video.

If I were to design my own tattoo, it would be an orange blossom with the night sky. It would be done in black and grey like a fading memory with pops of color that remind me of my family. Purple for my aunt. Blue and Green for my parents, and orange for my great-grandmother. I would have the tattoo placed on my inner arm, where I can always keep the memories close.

This is the tattoo I imagine, but less rectangular. 

night sky

Orange blossoms are the smell of home and happiness. I grew up with orange trees in my backyard, and their blossoms have always been my favorite flower. They are the aroma of running through the forest, climbing trees, catching (and releasing) dragonflies, playing softball, and night explorations. Everytime I see an orange blossom, or smell their scent, I am transported back to a carefree time. 

When I was young, probably around 8, my aunt would take me on night explorations. We would drive through the country side, or hike around my grandfather's house. She taught me all about nocturnal wildlife in Florida, and tried to teach me the constellations. To her disappointment, the only one I can remember is Orion; the first constellation she taught me. We would spend hours at night staring at the sky and inhaling the scent of orange blossoms. 

When I got married and moved away from Florida, I missed orange blossoms. They had become so ingrained in my daily life that they became a symbol of home and family. My mother-in-law bought me an orange blossom scented candle, and I would burn it when I got homesick. Its aroma connected me to my family and friends that were far away.  

What would you create as a fictional tattoo? Please check out Jason's full series of Write. Right. Rite. and share your thoughts with us on social media @alachualibary. 

"Write. Right. Rite.": Jason Reynolds Presents New Video Series