eBook help

Smart Phones & Tablets


  • eBooks & eAudiobooks from our OverDrive collection
  • eAudiobooks from our RBdigital collection

RBdigital users must first register for an account online before using the RBdigital app.

Start by downloading the app for your device:

Android logoLibby for Android (recommended)
OverDrive app for Android*
(eBooks & eAudiobooks)
RBdigital app for Android
(eAudiobooks ONLY)

Apple iOS logoLibby for Apple (recommended)
OverDrive app for Apple* (iPhone/iPad)
(eBooks & eAudiobooks)
RBdigital app for Apple* (iPhone/iPad)
(eAudiobooks ONLY)

Kindle logoOverDrive app for Kindle* (tablet) 

(eBooks & eAudiobooks)
RBdigital app for Kindle (tablet)
(eAudiobooks ONLY)

*You can authenticate the OverDrive app by creating an OverDrive account, using your library card number, or creating an Adobe ID.


Kindle eBooks

Download Kindle eBooks from our OverDrive collection for:Kindle logo

  • Kindle eReaders
  • Kindle tablets (Fire, HD)
  • Kindle app
    (The Kindle app is available for computers, tablets and smartphones from the Play Store or App Store.​)

To borrow eBooks in Kindle format you will need to create a free account with Amazon.com.


Additional help for Kindle eBooks can be found at Amazon online.

Desktop & Laptop computers


  • eBooks & eAudiobooks from our OverDrive collection
  • eAudiobooks from our RBDigital collection

RBDigital users must first register for an account online before using the RBDigital app.

For eBooks (in ePub format), start by downloading Adobe Digital Editions:

Windows logoOS X logo

For eAudiobooks from OverDrive, start by downloading the OverDrive Media Console for Windows computers. (Please note that this is currently not an option for Macs)


For eAudiobooks from RBDigital, start by downloading the RBDigital Media Manager for Windows or Mac computers.


Windows 8 / Windows 10

Windows 8 logo


  • Generally you can download eBooks in EPUB format and audiobooks in mp3 format.
  • The software you need on Windows 8 (or Windows 10) will depend on which version of Windows you have and what you want to do with the titles you download from OverDrive.


MP3 players

Transfer eAudobooks from OverDrive onto your mp3 player:


Nook logo


  • If you have a Nook HD Tablet, you can read eBooks in the OverDrive app.
    • You can authenticate the app with an OverDrive account or an Adobe ID.
  • If you have any other Nook, including the Nook Color, you will need to download the eBook in EPUB format to your computer, to Adobe Digital Editions, and transfer it via USB to your Nook.
    • You can authorize Adobe Digital Editions with an Adobe ID.


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