Four Shillings Short perform four concerts in January

How much music can you handle? Four Shillings Short will present “Around the World in 30 Instruments,” a mix of Celtic, folk and world music on a fantastic collection of world instruments.

Christy Martin plays hammered dulcimer, mandolin, mandola and bouzouki, banjo, North Indian Sitar, guitar, charango, bowed psaltery, and bodhran.  Aodh Óg Ó Tuama plays tin whistles, doumbek, spoons, gemshorn, bowed psaltery, recorders, crumhorn, and more.  Both do vocals.

Four Shillings Short has been playing for 12 years.  Aodh Óg (pronounced, ayog) was born in Cork, Ireland, studied Medieval and Renaissance music in college, and received a music fellowship to study at Stanford University in 1984.  Christy was born into a musical family. She played the sitar for 10 years (starting at age 16), took up folk music in the '80's, and has been playings hammered dulcimer since 1993. She was formerly in a band called Your Mother Should Know.

The concerts are free and open to everyone.  Bring family and friends:

Tues.  1/15. High Springs Branch. 6:30pm.

Wed. 1/16. Tower Road Branch. 6pm.

Sat. 1/19 Headquarters.  2 sets:  2pm & 3pm.

Sun. 1/20, Archer Branch. 3pm.

Preview some of their music here.


BLACK IS THE COLOR -- 4 Shillings Short

Posted by TravisF on January 11, 2013