Growing Sweet Potatoes

Gardening and food security is a big part of my life. Sweet potatoes are easy to start and grow through the most unforgiving heat of the summer. I love sweet potatoes, they feed you through the winter and the edible greens grow prolifically through drought and heat and are delicious cooked. I'm happy to share what I've learned to grow and enjoy this easy vegetable. 

slip growing from potatoStarting with a slip: Sweet potato slip sprouts freely from older potatoes that have been harvested.  You can force root growth by cutting off the end of the potato and placing the end in water.  

slip in water

Soon the slip will grow roots, and it is the rooted slips that will grow a sea of greens and a cluster of spuds.

slip with roots

Harvesting occurs before the first frost. Pull all the greens and carefully dig out the area where the slip was buried.

Curing your harvest: Dust off the dirt and place in a cool dark box or closet for a week, preferably spaced so they do not touch.





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