Recording a Revolution

Join us Saturday, Feb. 23 for a full day of free library programs.  Two documentaries about hip hop in Africa will be shown, complete with commentary and Q&A from the filmmakers and participants.  All ages are welcome.

Recording a Revolution is an event that brings together artists, scholars and documentary filmmakers to discuss hip hop, the visual arts, and political activism in Africa. Two new documentaries will be presented along with a panel including the films’ directors/producers and featured hip hop artists, including American hip hop artist M1, founding member of dead prez. This panel will discuss the challenges and opportunities associated with the representation of and by artists/activists of Africa and the African diaspora, and open up a public dialogue about social and political concerns in Africa. As it coincides with Black History Month, this event will also encourage a discussion between the historical linkages between Africa and its diaspora.

The two African hip hop artists - Nazir Hausawa (aka ‘Ziriums’) of Nigeria and Kamau Ngigi of Kenya - will arrive several days before the event. If anyone is interested in meeting with them on Thursday or Friday (February 21-22), or would like more information about the featured movies or artists, please contact Sue O’Brien (

This event is sponsored by the Alachua County Public Library, as well as the Center for African Studies and the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program at the University of Florida.

10-11am Screening of Recording a Revolution

11am-12pm Q&Q with Nazir Hausawa, Nigerian hip hop artist

12-1pm Lunch Break

1-2pm Screening of Ni Wakati (It's Time)

2-5pm Commentary and Q&A with M1 (Dead Prez), Kamau Ngigi (Kenyan hip hop artist), and Michael Wanguhu (director of Ni Wakati)

Ni Wakati (It's time) Trailer

Posted by TravisF on February 15, 2013