Low cost costuming


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For those of you looking into participating in our costume contest, here are some low cost options for those making a costume on a budget.

Although I'm not as experienced as my friend Sally at making costumes. I do have my fair share of experience from hundred hour builds to something made the night before.

For those of you that have the time, I suggest looking into using Pepakura.

Pepakura is a papercraft program that takes a 3d model and breaks the shapes down into shapes that are printed out on paper (usually something strong like card stock). The shapes can then be cut out then glued together to form props or whole costumes.

Here is an example of a costume I made in 2011

Once the parts are glued together the paper can be covered in resin/bondo or a mix often referred to as rondo. This will provide a strong durability to the shapes that then can be painted.









While making a whole suit is very time consuming. Smaller objects like props can be made quickly. Another benefit are weapon props made this way will be safe to use at conventions.

For those interested in using Pepakura start here: 



Another low cost and quick option is modifying existing clothing if possible. For example, in 2015 I cosplayed as Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead. The majority of what this character wears could be found at a thrift store. For less than 12 dollars I had a pair of jeans, a shirt I could cut up, and a leather jacket. I spent an additional 3 dollars for white cloth that I could cut out for a jacket patch. And with a few hours of work and 15 dollars I had a costume that was of higher quality and apperance than something purchased from a retail store.

Posted by MikeL on January 25, 2017