Rare books, letters, photos fill Collector's Corner for FOL 2019 Fall Book Sale

Signed books on a shelf.

A letter signed by Katherine Hepburn, first editions and vintage sheet music are a few of the treasures waiting to be discovered in the Friends of the Library Collector's Corner during the Fall Book Sale. 

More than 500,000 books, records, games, DVDs, paintings, prints, puzzles, and other items will be available at the sale Oct. 19-23 at the FOL Bookhouse, 430-B North Main St. in Gainesville. The Collector’s Corner is open Saturday through Tuesday. 

The sale runs 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Saturday, Oct 19 and noon-6 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 20 through Wednesday, Oct. 23. General collection items are half price on Oct. 22 and all items are 10 cents on Oct. 23. Profits from the sale support the Alachua County Library District and community literacy projects.

In a warehouse bursting with more than half a million items of all genres, perhaps no area packs a more diverse selection than the Collector's Corner. The Collector’s Corner offers books on all topics, and collectible items. The books may be leather bound, signed, first editions, out of print, or published by small presses. Larger sections are Art, Military History, Literature, Non-Fiction, Florida, Genealogy, Regional, Early Cookbooks, Natural History, Vintage Children’s Books, Pop-ups, and “Grandma’s Bookshelf." On Sunday of the sale, volunteers set up a table in the Collector’s Corner featuring collectibles including maps, vintage magazines and sheet music, post cards, stamps and miscellaneous collectible items. 

For the upcoming sale, several areas have been expanded, including  LGBTQ, African American History, Judaica, Holocaust, Native Americans, and Exploration. The Gaming Section has also grown to include special editions of Catan, models, puzzles, and rare 1980s role playing modules, incluidng Traveler and Nato.

The Pop Culture Section has also expanded to include Hollywood, fashion, TV, Disney, graphic novels, fantasy, science fiction, comics, and more.

Featured items in the 2019 Fall Sale Collector's Corner include the following:


  • The Art and Technique of Pâte de Verre, published by Tokyo Art Institute, 1998.Illustration of an old storefront.
  • Sun, Wind and Light: Architectural Design Strategies by G. Z. Brown, 1st edition, 1985.
  • Boutiques Parisiennes du Premier Empire by Hector Lefuel, 1925.
  • A Carolina Rice Plantation of the Fifties, by Alice Huger Smith, 1st edition, signed, 1936.
  • Ballet: 104 Photographs by Alexey Brodovitch, text by Edwin Denby, dust jacket designed by Alexey Brodovitch, published by J. J. Augustin, 1945.


  • P. G. Wodehouse – a nice collection of P. G. Wodehouse first editions and well-preserved reprints.


A large selection including signed modern firsts, vintage Nancy Drew, lots of Harry Potter, vintage fiction and illustrated books.


  • R. E. Lee, by Douglas Southall Freeman, Scribner, four volume set, red cloth covers, 1934.
  • Easton Press- A large collection of titles related to military history.
  • The Imposed War: Defence vs. Aggression, a rare five volume boxed set, about the Iran Iraq War. Text inEnglish, Farsi and Arabic.”  
  • Hidden in Plain View: A Secret Story of Quilts and the Underground Railroad by Jacqueline L. Tobin and Raymond G. Dobard, 1999.

HISTORY, ART and MUSIC - WORLD WAR II ERAVintage World War II sheet music.

  • The Art of Naval Warfare for the Pacific War, 35 watercolor illustrations by Japanese artists, published as WWII propaganda, printed in Japan.  The illustrations are tipped in.
  • Maskee: A Shanghai Sketchbook, drawn and hand colored by Friedrich Schiff, fan fold binding, 1930s era – World War II.
  • Sheet Music – 10 pieces of anti-Fascist/Nazi sheet music by Henry Kane, lyrics by Mark Minkus, early 1940s.
  • The History of United States Naval Operations in WWII – complete 15 volume set, reprints.


  • Life of Washington, by Washington Irving, Putnam, 5 volume set, leather bound with gold lettering, 1859.
  • LGBTQ: A selection of first editions, signed volumes, and older hard-to-find collectibles.
  • Firearms Classics Library, published for the NRA, leather bound, assorted titles.


  • The Natural History of Many Curious and Uncommon Zoophytes, by John Ellis, 1st edition, 1786


  • Anthony Trollope – a large hardback set of Anthony Trollope novels, reprint, The Trollope Society, London, circa 2016.


A large selection of signed modern firsts and older editions of hard to find mysteries and thrillers.


  • Antonin Nechodoma Architect, 1877-1928:  The Prairie School in the Caribbean by Thomas S. Marvel, signed by Marvel, 1st edition, 1994.
  • Clyde Butcher – Florida Portfolio II, by Clyde Butcher, signed, 2011.
  • No Ordinary Days by Maggie Taylor, signed “To Hank – A Fellow Digital Explorer”, 1st edition, 2013.
  • Portrait of an Estuary, (flora and fauna of the Apalachicola River area ) by Verle Barnes, signed, Helix Press, 1987.
  • The Defenses of Spanish Florida 1565-1763, by Verne E. Chatelain, includes 22 maps, 1941.

VINTAGE LPs Album cover

  • Art Tatum, “An Art Tatum Concert” (1954, 10-inch)
  • Chris Conner, “Sings Lullabys of Birdland” (10-inch)
  • Maynard Ferguson, “And His Octet” (1955, mono)
  • Charles Mingus, “Mingus Ah Um” (1959 mono)
  • The Thrillers, “Lizabeth” (1954 10-inch)
  • The Beatles, “Hard Day’s Night”, “Early Beatles”, “Rubber Soul” (albums)
  • Jimmie Rogers, “Walking by Myself” (Chess 10-inch)


  • A Letter Signed by Katharine Hepburn in 1990.  Includes the book, Katharine Hepburn A Stylish Life, by Joal Ryan, 1st edition, 1999.
  • A Letter Signed by President Truman to Missouri Postmasters in 1949, and a 2018 White House Christmas Ornament honoring President Truman.
  • The Spectator, volume III (1711), and volume IV (1711-March 1712), printed in 1778, London.
  • Unusual early 20th century Asian watercolor art with postage stamp collage.


  • WPA Sepia Reprints – Florence Stiles Randle and Phyllis Sheffield reprints of sepia tone photographs from their WPA studies of the Miccosukee Indians. The images were released in 1995.
  • Vintage Matchbooks: 1950s-70s, with display frame.
  • Vintage Paperbacks - Large collections of James Bond, Erle Stanley Gardner, mysteries, classics and humor.
  • Dr. Who – Vintage VHS tape collection including titles not available on DVD



Posted by RachelC on September 18, 2019