Amazonia: Indigenous Tales from Brazil

mythological creatures from AmazoniaAmazonia: Indigenous Tales from Brazil by Daniel Munduruku is a treasury of 12 folktales from the Brazilian rainforest. This work is translated from the Portuguese and is fantastically illustrated by Nikolai Popov, a famous Russion artist. A glossary of animals and plants is included.

The tales are: The beginning of the world -- Amao -- The brothers Bacororo and Itubore -- The husband of the stars -- The people with bat wings -- The beautiful deer -- The parrot who sings kra-kra-kra -- The Pequi tree -- The enticing smell -- The death of Ari -- Lara, the mother of water -- Ceuci, the witch who ate a lot.

Some of these tales touch on adult subjects. The recommended readers ages are 12 and up.

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Posted by GailC on November 20, 2019