Best in snow

Fall is here, and the holidays are upon us.  For us Floridians who are blessed with mild winters, there are some who miss the cold and snow of our northern neighbors.  Who can adequately express the magic and wonder of that first snowfall?  We’ve just received two new picture books that have done an amazing job of doing just that.

Best in Snow by April Pulley Sayre puts us up close and personal to experiencing snow in the country.

“A freeze. A breeze. A cloud. It snows. Snowflakes land on a squirrel’s nose. Snow sails. It settles, shows shapes, dusts wings. Snowfall quickens and thickens. Snow clumps and clings. But then…Wind sifts. Snow drifts….”

Her gorgeous photographs evoke the frigid beauty of the forest and its animals. One can’t help but feel the beauty of a snow I wish we could experience here in Florida.



The second book is Before Morning by Joyce Sidman and illustrated by Beth Krommes. In the city, a young daughter misses her mother, a pilot, who has just left for work. She wishes that it may snow so that her mother can’t fly and will have to come back home.  And indeed it does,

“..let the sky fill with furry and flight. Let the air turn to feathers, the earth turn to sugar, and all that is heavy turn light. Let quick things be swaddled, let urgent plans flounder, let pathways be hidden from sight….”

The beautiful scratchboard art creates a wonderful depiction of snow in the city.

You'll love it!


So if you want to escape the tropical weather of Florida and experience the wonder of snow, make some hot chocolate and enjoy these delightful and engaging books!




Posted by KeliC on November 19, 2016