Canticos: Latin American Nursery Rhymes for All

Cover of "Little Chicks"Cover of "Little Elephants"Cover of "Little Mice"Nursery Rhymes and stories are a great way to introduce even the youngest children to a second language and with the Canticos series of books, these introductions are easier than ever!

Each Canticos title offers a traditional Spanish nursery rhyme and the lift-the-flap, accordion style pages reverse to offer the same story in English too. 

Each story also focuses on a new aspect of learning such as nurturing, shapes, and counting.


Little Chickies/Los Pollitos - Uses adorable yellow chicks to tell the story of a nurturing mother hen. 

Little Elephants/Elefantitos - Uses funny balancing elephants to help readers count to five. 

Little Mice/Ratoncitos - Use five little mice escaping a hungry cat to teach simple shapes.


Check out these and other Canticos tales at your local library branch now! 

Want even more bilingual fun?

Take a look at the canticos website and their free mobile apps as well.

You'll find video and audio versions of the Canticos tales in a variety of languages!



Posted by LiselyL on September 27, 2018