The Disappearing Island

This is a beautiful book to experience, written so precisely by Corine Demas and illustrated by Ted Lewin as though the pages were a dream. The story is based upon Billingsgate Island, a real place off the coast of Cape Cod, a unique Island in that it has been steadily sinking into the ocean for the past one hundred years. Once a thriving community of thirty-five homes owned by people with hopes and dreams for their land surrounded by the sea, the Island by 1999 remains a sand bar that appears from beneath the ocean waves only during low tide.

A grandmother and her granddaughter make the trip out to the disappearing island by row boat and then by small motor craft, the waves splash, the wind so real, as Lewin’s water colors illustrate the pages. This book, so dream-like a story, contains a dream within its plot as our young protagonist drifts to sleep upon the island beach. How unusual, this book bonds the grandma and child to one another and then equally to the island and the sea. It really is a must read for lovers of family and the sea, the land and the world.

Enjoy the voyage. 

Posted by GeraldF on January 13, 2017