Elephants, Elephants, Oh my!

Do you or your child love elephants? Here's a few elephant picture books that you may like!


Have you seen my elephant? by David Barrow

This picture book is about a boy who is playing hide-and-seek with his elephant. The elephant is really really good at hiding but the boy is determined to find him! Will the boy find his elephant? Read it and see!

What I really loved about this book was the humor and interative element this book brings to the reader. While the boy cannot see the elephant hiding, the reader can! I also really enjoyed just looking at the book, the illustrations bring you in as soon as you open the book. The illustrations are whimsical and dream like, the colors are rich in cool and warm tones but soft in aesthetic. There's a dreamlike quality to the pictures that helps to entertain but not overstimulate readers. This is just a sweet book and I recommend it to early readers and even for older readers (like parents!).


My Elephant by Petr Horacek

This picture book is about a boy who wants to play ball, but his grandpa and grandma are too busy so he decides to play with his elephant. But then grandpa's flower bed got messed up, then the hallway and bathroom got messed up AND THEN the orange juice was spilled AND THEN the cupcakes disappeared! Was it the boy? Or was it the elephant?

Just like Have you seen my elephant? I really enjoyed the humor this book brings to the reader. The book also teaches the moral of not blaming others for your own messes (hint, hint). It also gives way for the reader to think about the story to figure out if indeed it was the elephant or the boy (or both) making the messes. The illustrations have a sense of whimsy to them, but there's the cool element that each part of the picture has a different color and texture, almost like a collage. That brings an element of reality and weight to the objects in the story. There's also a lot of white on the pages too (except for a couple), so it brings a brightness to the story which hightens the alertness of the reader. I would say that this could be a good book for readers who are visually sensitive to colors and shapes. The pages aren't bleak and baren but they also aren't so busy that it's hard to focus. This is just a fun book to read and I recommend it for young readers.


Hiding Phil by Eric Barclay

This book is about an elephant named Phil and how he met some kids and a doggie at a bus stop. The kids and doggie wanted to play with Phil, so they went back home and played jump rope and seesaw and even took a bubble bath in the kiddie pool! It was all fun and games until mom and dad came home. Will Phil get to stay with the kids and the doggie or will he have to go back to the bus station? Read and find out!

This is book is really cute and fun. I really enjoyed reading this book because there's just so much personality coming through the pages that you can see how much fun the kids, doggie and Phil are having. It's really fun to watch them try to hide Phil from mom and dad too. Just like My Elephant there's the whimsical element, but there's also the silly happy element too. You really feel this when reading the story and looking at the illustrations. The illustrations have similar elements to My Elephant in that there's a brightness in the choices of colors that brings the happy, lighthearted feeling from the book to the reader. The linework within the illustrations are also clean and graphic so it's easy to discern what things are. I think this is such a cute and silly book. I would recommend this to young readers, they'll have a fun time reading it. 


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Posted by AngelaM on January 12, 2017