Full of beans

Like sweet and funny books? Full of Beans, by popular children's author, Jennifer L. Holm , is her new book that gives a fascinating look into Key West history. 

Beans Curry and his family are down on their luck. Their whole town of Key West is; it's the Great Depression, and jobs and opportunities are scarce. Beans learned at an early age that adults lie to children, and he goes on to apply that logic to the New Deal stranger who shows up in town one day, claiming the government sent him to make their dumpy town a tourist destination. Sure that the man is a lunatic, Beans ignores him as he tries to find ways to make money for his family, and sometimes even for himself. Later when Beans does jobs for someone in town who is engaged in illegal activity and which later contributes to a tragedy, we see him grow as he struggles to make amends and take responsibility for his actions.

This children’s book, inspired by actual events, is a heartening and engaging introduction to a challenging time in American history and especially enlightening for those of us who live in Florida. Check it out! Of interest to 7-11 year olds.


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Posted by KeliC on September 28, 2016