Inspector Flytrap

Meet Inspector Flytrap. He’s a Venus flytrap and world solver of BIG DEAL mysteries.

Meet Nina the goat.  She’s a goat and Inspector Flytrap’s trusty assistant – except when she eats the clues. Together they’re a great mystery-solving duo!

This is a new series for 2nd-4th graders written by Tom Angleberger, the author of the Origami Yoda books and illustrated by his wife Cece Bell, the Newberry Honor winning author-illustrator of El Deafo.

This book is really funny.  At first it was kind of hard wrapping my mind around a Venus flytrap detective whose assistant is a goat that pushes him around on a skateboard.  I just couldn’t imagine how it could work, --- but it does! The more I read, the more I laughed at his BIG DEAL mysteries.  (He doesn’t do “small deal” mysteries.)  The word play and humor is fast and furious.

Detective Flytrap’s adventures include deciphering a secret message in a painting --  *SPOILER ALERT* --- which turns out to be a booger; and investigating the appearance of a giant stinky shoe, which smells so bad that the Koko Dodo Cookies Shop is losing all its business because customers can’t smell the cookies for the shoe.  And believe it or not, there is romance around the corner for our heroes.

This book is just right for lower elementary school readers and will be enjoyed by boys and girls.  Fans of Tom Angleberger will love this new series.  I really hope it catches on because it’s different, funny, imaginative, and crazy well-written.


                                                                                                                                     Coming January 2017   

Posted by KeliC on August 17, 2016