It Happened in Pinsk.

By, Authur Yorinks.

People often get busy and misplace things that they need, socks, shoes, a favorite book, hair brush, glasses and even the TV remote gets lost. But, people never lose track of their heads! Except that’s exactly what happened in Pinsk! Yes, Irv Irving woke up one morning without his head. Gosh, was his wife mad about that!

The solution is to make a paper bag head for Irv to wear as he looks for his real, missing head. After tussles with cops, rubbers, a Hat shop owner and shocked strangers, Irv finally finds his head. It’s then Irv realizes there’s no point to ‘losing your head’ over little things.

We all must keep our heads when it comes to day-to-day matters.

Enjoy this 1983 copyright while it’s still in our collection. It’s one of a kind!