I've Got Eyes!: Exceptional eyes of the animal world by Julie Murphy

cover image of tarsierJulie Murphy, the author of I've Got Eyes!, is both a zoologist and a children's writer. This combination of skills brings us a picturebook for elementary age children that amazes and informs on this fascinating topic of differing form and function of animal eyes. The tidbits of information sprinkled throughout the book are delightful. The illustrations by Hannah Tolson are superb.

"I've got SOLO eyes. My eyes can work alone with each one looking in a different direction.The CHAMELEON'S eyes see only a tiny pin-hole view of the world. Having two views is twice as good when hunting for insects and avoiding hungry birds."

"I've got BLINKING eyes. My eyes blink to help me eat! When a FROG blinks, its eyeballs sink down into its head. This pushes food from the mouth into the throat."

Read on and meet the tarsier, the peregrine falcon, the goat, the crocodile fish, the stalk-eyed fly, the camel, the four-eyed fish, the wolf spider, the cock-eyed squid, the dragonfly and the sightless cave salamander.


Posted by GailC on February 1, 2019