Lions, Lions, Everywhere!

Check out these lion picture books at your local library!


The Lion Inside by Rachel Bright

This picture book is about the littlest mouse in the jungle who's so small he's always overlooked and always lonely. One day he decides that he want to change that. But in order to change that, he needs to be brave. Because in order for him to be noticed he needs to develop a ROAR! The only one that can teach him that is King Lion. Will mouse be brave enough to ask guidance from King Lion? Will mouse be brave? You'll have to read it to find out!

What I enjoyed most about this picture book is the story of how bravery is much more than how you look. The small little mouse becomes very brave on his quest to be noticed more, while King Lion who's known as being brave is suddenly not so brave when he meets mouse! It's just so funny but also a good lesson too! The illustrations are beautifully done, there's this fantastical realism with soft textures and the warm feeling of being in the savannah. The colors are both bright and rich. The text is easy to read and has a great rhymthic flow to it when read aloud.

 Lion, Lion by Miriam Busch

This picture book is about a little boy trying to find his pet named Lion, when he comes across a hungry lion. Throughout the story the boy is offering things to eat to the Lion, but the lion doesn't want any of it. As he says, grass is too snappy, mushrooms are too prickly, berries are too stinkyand feathers make him sneeze... Hmmm, this doesn't seem right, does it? Will the boy succeed in finding his pet and Lion something to eat? Check it out and find out!

I enjoyed the playfulness within this book. We see that the Lion wants to eat the boy, but the boy is really clever. Instead he offers the Lion some grass, mushrooms, berries, seeds and flowers, but Lion doesn't want any of it. In the meantime Lion is being covered and followed by animals that are snappy, prickly, stinky and will make Lion sneezy. It's just delightful. Kids and adults will enjoy reading this book together. The text is easy to read and the illustrations are bright and colorful, which is juxtaposed very well by the white background on the pages.


Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion by Alex Smith

This picture book is a retelling of the famous Little Red Riding Hood story. In this retelling, Little Red finds out from Auntie Rosie that she has spots and need spot medicine. So Little Red goes to the store and on her way through the jungle of giraffes, crocodiles, monkeys, and other animals she encounters the hungry Lion. When Lion hears of her plan to visit her Auntie Rosie, he dashes to the house and hides Auntie Rosie in a cabinet and dresses up as her waiting for Little Red. When Little Red comes, she immediately recognizes the Lion posing as her Auntie Rosie! But clever Little Red decides to teach Lion a lesson! After several hilarious lessons given to the Lion, Lion finally learns the error of his ways and is able to have donuts and coffee with Little Red and Auntie Rosie.

I really enjoyed reading this book! It was so delightful and fun! The pages are beautifully and whimsically decorated. They are full of vibrant colors and we get to see an imaginative retelling of the story we all know, Little Red Riding Hood. I loved that this retelling is set somewhere with animals that you don't normally see in this story and that Little Red is super clever and teaches Lion a lesson. This book has a great flow to it when read and can be utilized in multiple ways to interact with young children. There's a lot of humor in this story that both young children and adults can enjoy it.


We're going on a Lion Hunt by David Axtell

This picture book is about a couple of girls going on a lion hunt so they can see a lion! They travel through multiple terrain until they come to a cave and spot a lion. Uh oh! The lion in turn has spotted them! They must reach the safety of their home before the lion gets them!

I like reading this book for storytime because there's a rhythmic flow to it. The text is fairly big and provides opportunities for young readers to act out the motions in the story and to work on pronunciation. The illustrations have this dream-like quality, emphasized by the fact that the artist didn't use graphic lines but instead used soft markings to create the illustrations. The illustrations are bright and realistic and you can tell how much the girls are having fun on their lion hunt.





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Posted by AngelaM on January 12, 2017