Little Fox in the Forest by Stephanie Graegin

Little Fox in the Forest Cover ArtIn Stephanie Graegin’s Little Fox in the Forest, a young girl brings her treasured stuffed animal fox to her school’s show-and-tell. While playing on a swing, a “real” fox snatches her doll and runs off with it. The little girl and her friend from school give chase, through the woods and into a magical town of woodland creatures. But, when the children finally catch up with the fox, what will they do?

In this nearly wordless book, Graegin’s gorgeous illustrations are simple enough to easily convey the story, yet rich enough to reward many readings. Her use of color adds another layer to the story. The forest is shown in vivid color, while the real world is depicted in shades of blue.

Wordless picture books can provide a great opportunity to develop a child’s storytelling skills and visual literacy, and this sweet book celebrating imagination and kindness is sure to become a favorite of children and parents alike.