Little Red by Bethan Woollvin

Cover image of Little Red by Bethan WoollvinOn her way to Grandma’s house, Little Red meets a wolf. This might have scared some little girls, but not this little girl. In Bethan Woollvin’s retelling of the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale, Little Red is a capable young heroine who is not easily fooled and certainly not waiting for a woodsman to come and save her. Woollvin’s minimalist illustrations and spare text perfectly complement this humorous take on the tale. Some readers may find a couple of the illustrations a little morbid, but they won’t be surprising to anyone familiar with the classic story.

“Fractured fairy tales", such as this and Woollvin’s follow-up, Rapunzel, can make for excellent books to share with older children. They usually have a humorous twist that will surprise and delight those who know the standard telling. Children can compare and contrast the different versions or even talk about characters' perspectives. Fractured fairy tales can help children learn to read books critically, a skill that will serve them throughout their education and a lifetime of reading.

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