Matthew’s Meadow, by Corinne Demas Bliss


Matthew’s Meadow, by Corinne Demas Bliss;

Illustrated by Ted Lewin

It’s Matthew’s Grandma who first shows Matthew the meadow. The grass field surrounding the walnut tree is where Matthew meets the hawk. Who’d think a hawk could teach a boy to feel so much, the moonlight, the wind, the mountains and the turn of the days, the weeks and then the seasons? More, how could Matthew ever forget this special friendship?

Written as though the story is a dream, this environmentally posed book lands in the heart of the matter, in the boy’s heart and within the core of the heartland’s magical being. Ted Lewin’s illustrations will keep your eyes fixed upon the pages as the story spins a path of hope and love in your head.

The hawks says it best: “The unknown,’ said the hawk, “is simply the not-yet-known. Think beyond your thoughts so that you can find a way to do what you once thought impossible.” Enjoy.