The Rabbit Listened

After something horrible happens to Taylor's block creation, all of the animals tell Taylor how to feel and respond to those feelings, but not rabbit.  Rabbit just listens.  Big emotions can be hard to understand and even harder to work through.  The simple illustrations convey deep emotion and the sparse text allow readers to focus on what Taylor might be thinking and feeling. 

If you or a child you know is in need of book that talk about emotions and feelings, try this book and some of the other complimentary titles we have in our collection.

If you are looking for a book that talks about helping children understand emotions try one of these items.

For younger kids, PBSKids has some great tips for adults helping toddlers handle feelings.  Daniel Tiger has some great tips for handling anger, while Arthur and D.W. have some great ideas for talking about all of our feelings.

For tweens and teens, the Nemours Foundation has a website called KidsHealth that provides information for kids, teens, and parents on emotions and other topics.

Emotions can be overwhelming, but the right book at the right time for the right person can make things a little less overwhelming.  Ask your local library staff to help you find even more books about emotions and other tough growing up topics.

Posted by ErinP on November 21, 2018