Snowy Stories

Snowy Stories

First Snow, by Bomi Park

The Wish Tree, by Kyo Maclear, Pictures by Chris Turnham


What magic can children find outside on a snowy day?

Two delightful picture books celebrate the magic and mystery of a snowy day through the eyes of a child.  First Snow uses dark contrasts and spots of color to spotlight the focus of a child as she explores her first snow of the season.  This book, originally published in Korea, is perfect for a quiet bedtime story with its beautiful illustrations and few words.

The Wish Tree follows Charles as he takes his trusty toboggan to find a magical tree in the forest.  He searches in the snowy woods all day, along the way meeting and helping, fox, bears, squirrels, rabbits, and other animals.  In the end, Charles does find his magic.  The cartoon-like illustrations and beautiful landscapes complete this sweet story of friendship.

Posted by MeganK on January 24, 2017