Wish by Barbara O'Connor

Image of Book Cover of "Wish" by Barbara O'Connor

Eleven-year old Charlemagne "Charlie" Reese is a creature of habit.

She's made the same wish every day (sometimes twice or more) since she was in the fourth grade and she's convinced that  someday her wish just has to come true. 

But when her father ends up in jail being "corrected" and her mother just can't seem to get on her feet, Charlie is sent away from her home, her sister, and everything she knows in in the city to a small country town. 

Aunt Bertha and Uncle Gus are strangers, there's nothing to do in town, and all the kids at school at mean. That is, all except the nerdy boy with the up-down walk; Howard. Even the dogs seem to run and hide from Charlie. 

Everything starts to change again when Charlie and Howard form a tentative friendship and hatch a plan to catch an old stray dog that Charlie names Wishbone. 

Will Charlie ever feel like she belongs? Will she get back home? Will her wish come true? And what is her wish anyways?

Find out when you read this heartwarming tale about friendship and family that was recently named to the Sunshine State Young Readers Award List for grade 3-5; Wish by Barabara O'Connor.

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