Wishtree by Katherine Applegate

Have you ever wondered what a tree would say, if it could talk? If trees have names? If trees worry about being cut down?

Cover Image of "Wishtree" by Katherine Applegate Wishtree by Katherin Applegate is a moving tribute to both nature and the immigrant story. 

Red; an Oak Tree and a motley crew of  forest animals, tell us a story of their lives in a a quiet neighborhood. Red watches over two houses with stretched out branches and lives a peaceful life until one day, a boy carves a hateful word into his trunk. The word is aimed at the Muslim family from one of Red's houses but Red makes it his goal to defy the word and help the little girl from the family fullfill her wish of making a new friend. 



Image of Author; Katherine Applegate


Through Red and friends, the author teaches us about friendship, love, acceptance, and the importance of having a place to call home.

Wishtree is an appropriate reading level for ages 8 - 12 but readers of all ages will enjoy this quick and touching read that left me in happy tears. 

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Posted by LiselyL on April 18, 2018