You Are Home With Me, by Sarah Asper-Smith and Mitchell Watley


You Are Home With MeYou Are Home with Me, by Sarah Asper-Smith and Mitchell Watley.

What a wonderful book; you just have to take a look. There are pages full of colorful landscapes and under water depictions of various interesting animal’s habitats. Small print found nestled somewhere on the pages reveal facts about each animal discussed and help make this book a real page turner. Did you know the Blue Whale mammal’s call can be heard by other whales up to one thousand miles away! The white polar bear has a black skin under their fur to help hold in the sun’s heat! It’s all here to see and learn about. This book helps create a bond between the reader and the exquisite world we live in—what could be better than that!  

Posted by GeraldF on November 27, 2019