Being Jazz: My Life as a (Transgender) Teen by Jazz Jennings

Jazz Jennings is a remarkable young woman. She's an activist, YouTube and reality star, and a young trans woman.

Being Jazz is Jazz's autobiography/memoir about growing up as a trans girl and trans woman. She tells us about her struggles trying to play soccer on the girl's team, her struggles at school with not being able to go to the bathroom of her choice and her struggles navigating life as a girl trapped in a boys body. She's looks on her past experiences as elements of who she is and adds to her compassion for the struggle of others. She's a role model that tweens and teens can look up to. She's relatable and reading her book makes you feel as if you're speaking with her in person and she's very open with her thoughts and feelings about what it's like being one of a few trans girls (at the time) in her early childhood. I recommend this book to anyone interested in trans issues and LGBTQIA+ experiences/rights.


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Posted by AngelaM on September 12, 2016