"Beware That Girl" Book Review from Teen Volunteer Janecia

After reading Beware that Girl, this is what Janecia had to say...



"Beware That Girl has a plot that’ll be mind-blowing. If you are that certain reader that loves psychological thrillers, this book is definitely for you. You will not be disappointed by the end. As for the author, Teresa Toten, overall, she did a marvelous job as an author because the way the book was written and the plot of the story was thought out very well. The ending was a little rough because it seemed as though it was a little rushed, but, overall, the book was a great read. Also, most of the characters were very significant in their roles and what their motives were in the novel. Other than that, the book would definitely be put under top five reads, in my opinion."



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Posted by AngelaM on January 18, 2017