"The Dead Enders" by Erin Saldin

What is the book about?

A group of unlike teenagers become friends after the terrible mishap of a chapel fire in Gold Fork. Ever since the fire they have been best friends. For the things that took place that night everyone has a different perspective and story. When they think they know each other, they continue to surprise one another. The fires continue in Gold Fork and sparks fly  between the four friends. No one truley revealing their darkest secrets.


What did you think of the book?

The book kept the reader intrigued with the author's multiple perspectives of the same events. The multiple perspectives gave the reader insight to the character's emotions. However, I did not like near the end of the book because it felt rushed to end. Also, I did not enjoy how the author's words made Erik look crazy when he was just obviously going through stuff. I would recommend this book o anyone who likes mysteries with a hint of romance. I would recommend this book to teenagers particularly because the perspectives are from teens. 


Can you answer these trivia questions?

1. What and who started the fire in the chapel causing it to burn to the ground?

2. Who was the person sleeping next to the chapel?

3. What was written on the piece of paper found at one of the burn sights?

4. Who is the arsonist setting fires in Gold Fork?

5. What was Georgie's punishment for having drugs on her when the cops showed up?

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Review written by Taylor S.

Posted by TraceyE on January 6, 2019