George Perez's Wonder Woman


She has different names, but she will always be Amazon. Warrior. Goddess. Wonder Woman.


In George Perez's Wonder Woman series it begins at the beginning of the Amazon's history. With how the gods defied Zeus with creating the Amazons as a way to thwart Ares' plan for Earth's destruction. The sereis also covers Wonder Woman's growing up on Paradise Island, winning the competition and succeeding in the test against the FLASHING THUNDER.

As a reader, you come to love Wonder Woman/Diana Prince and feel her sorrow and defeat as well as her triumphs against Decay and Ares. Decay and Wonder Woman's fight was epic and definitely introduced Wonder Woman to Boston, MA and the world. Ares suffered a small defeat against Wonder Woman, she showed him the err of his ways, that through his carnage and plan for ultimate destruction that he too will fall victim to his own folly, because if no one's alive to worship him then he too will face oblivion. We are then introduced to a woman who will embody the villainess Cheetah when she finally gets her chance to battle it out with Wonder Woman, and boy was the fight not only ferocious but totally epic!

Later on, Wonder Woman returns to Paradise Island. Well at first things are pretty kosher and lovely, however, Zeus decides to be the philanderer he is and try to have his way with Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman knows all to well about Zeus and says "NO". Well, this angers Zeus and so Wonder Woman now has to endure some laborious challenges to prove to the gods, once again that Wonder Woman is the true Amazon goddess that we all know she is.

Wonder Woman's labors come to a climax when she finally gets to meet her namesake and we learn more about the first Diana and the Trevor family, and how Wonder Woman and Steve are connected.

After Wonder Woman ends her labors in the cavern, we learn of Pan's death and how his impostor set Wonder Woman's challenges in motion, at the same time encountering Harmonia (Ares' daughter), battling it out with some crazy monsters and helping to release Heracles from his heavy burden. Finally, Wonder Woman returns to man's world in the arms of Julia Kapatelis.

Not long after Wonder Woman's return to Man's World she encounters the Silver Swan. This is when we get the back story of how the Silver Swan came to be. Her story is quite sad. The Silver Swan is as much a victim as anyone. She's stuck in a situation that keeps her from being able to resist using her powers for evil. Of course, the fight scene between Wonder Woman and the Silver Swan was quite epic!  

We also come across the evil Darkseid and Circe. Two very bad bad villains. With Darkseid he just wants to rule everything. He's just a bully that's all about "mine, mine, mine". Now, Circe on the other hand. She's quite evil, seductive, wrathful and ready to get her way no matter the cost.

Circe has a developed story that involves mythology and explains her need to end Wonder Woman. Thankfully her plans are thwarted by Hermes before her evil doings come to fruition. But cautious Wonder Woman feels that she may return. In the meantime, the gods have created a new pact. One that ties the gods together instead of separating them.

After all of these crazy events and awesome battles with Circe, Darkseid and the Silver Swan the last part of this story starts off with the death of an important character and the investigation that resulted from it. We learn more about this character than what has been revealed and for that, this character is given another depth and sadly we must say goodbye.

Soon after the investigation Wonder Woman finally learns about the new pact that the gods and how they too must begin a new, with the destruction of Mount Olympus... and the only one that can help to make this happen, is Wonder Woman.

But there is nothing to worry for this isn't the end of Wonder Woman or the Amazons, and even down on Themiscyra a new motion has been passed. Mortals, from Man's World may enter Themiscyra, Paradise Island. And who better to experience this momentous occasion first than Wonder Woman's closest friends: Julia and Vanessa.

It's on Paradise Island that Julia and Vanessa get to see the world that Wonder Woman comes from, and a past in Julia's life finally reveals itself to her and helps her to understand why she was chosen as Wonder Woman's mentor in Man's World.

The end of this series comes to a climax when we encounter Ixion, Euryale and Phobos come to Man's World and tries to release utter destruction on the mortals. Thankfully Wonder Woman was able to defeat Euryale, Ixion and Phobos with Hermes' help before more damage was done. Now, it's all about what happens next and if Wonder Woman can protect those she love both on Paradise Island and Man's World.

Overall, if you're a Wonder Woman fan, then you'll enjoy reading Perez's Wonder Woman series. The illustrations are typical to the superhero comic/graphic novel aesthetic. The illustrator made Wonder Woman look like a realistically shaped Amazon woman and the fact that she's not scantily clad is nice too. Her armor is styled in the typical form that we all know. She's got power in her presence. She's Wonder Woman and a woman, Amazon/goddess, trying to understand Man's world and everything that entails. Including human emotions. There's a quality to her character that Perez and the other writers have brought that make Wonder Woman relate able as a character.

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Posted by AngelaM on October 11, 2016