Ghosts, Pirates, Vampires and the X-Files, oh my!


Check out Agent of Chaos by Young Adult author Kami Garcia!

Agent of Chaos is set in the late 1970s where a teenage Fox Mulder gets involved in a murder case of a little boy that has eerie similarities to the disappearance of his little sister Samantha. In this story, Fox, happens to come across a crime scene that involves the death of a young boy. The death of this young boy had weird elements that lean to the occult. What's weirder is that not only does this boy, but other children have similarities to the disappearance of Samantha, Fox's younger sister. They were all the same age when they disappeared and they all happened to have disappeared in the same way. So, as Fox tries to find this serial killer so as to prevent another child from becoming a victim, he also hopes to find more information about his sister and her whereabouts.

This is the gist of the story without giving out too much information.

What I liked about this book was "seeing" Fox as a teenager and essentially solving his first case, sort of. As someone who watched the X-Files, it was interesting to see Fox before the FBI and how he might have become interested in the FBI. I found most of the characters to be interesting and definitely have that element of X-File material. I'm not going to lie, this book makes me want to re-watch the X-Files series again.

This book is a great way to introduce people to the X-Files series that have never before seen it.


Check out these graphic novels by author and illustrator Andre Frattino!

Flagler's Few and the Reaper of Saint George Street is about a young guy named Will Garrings and his first experiences in St. Augustine, FL. The book also introduces you to a short history lesson into the city and the ghosts of St. Augustine. We are first introduced to the supernatural element of St. Augustine through Claire's initial dream and through Will's encounter with the Reaper. This is also a graphic novel. The illustrations are simple, in that they are in black and white, not to say that Frattino's skill is simple. Frattino's illustrations are really good and I appreciate even more the fact that he's basing his story in a real place, a place that is set in Florida. That's pretty neat. I also like how he uses the page in different ways, where he utilizes both regular comic panels, but also isn't afraid to have his characters or their bubbles extend past the borders of the panels. I really like his line-work and how he uses the range of lines to show depth on each page. I also appreciate how detailed and abstract his illustrations get.

I normally don't go for works that delve in the realm of the supernatural (fantasy, sure), but not really ghosts. I'm actually intrigued to see where this story goes and what's up with Claire and the Reaper. It might even inspire me to actually go on a ghost tour through St. Augustine this Halloween.




Lost Souls of Savannah: More Adventures of Flagler's Few is about Victor and the city of Savannah. We get to see the circumstance in which Victor becomes a ghost and the quest he needs to go on to become alive once more. This quest takes him to Savannah, GA during the 1930s where he meets a couple of new characters.

This part of the story was interesting. It was nice to see a part of Victor's back story, but it was only a partial back story. We see his death and his journey to becoming alive, and how he wants to be better than the alternative.

To me, this volume was a little more bittersweet and deeper than the first volume, where the first volume is just a cheeky story about a ghost in St. Augustine, FL. With this volume, it really speaks to Victor's inner battle between finding himself, getting rid of his demons and finding redemption and peace and coming back to old friends. I really liked the characters of the ghosts that Victor had to recover, especially the character of the Lonely Lady. Her role in the story pulled at my heart-strings. I wouldsay that this is my favorite volume out of the other volumes.




The Vampirate of Matanzas Inlet is about Roger and his great-great-great grandfather Captain Rogerick Blimes and the Skull of Fury. We meet Rogerick Blimes at the pinnacle of his captain days and we also meet Roger in the present day. Roger ends up meeting up with an old friend who convinces him to look for this famed Skull of Fury all the while being followed by a mysterious being. It all comes to a climax when Roger finds out who this mysterious being is and how close the Skull of Fury is to them. Roger is also betrayed. By whom you ask? Well, you're just going to have to read the book to find out.

Just like Frattino's previous two works, the setting of this book is set in St. Augustine, FL and the history of Matanzas Inlet is fused with pirates and vampires and magic in the story. While the last volume was a little more bittersweet this one was more action-packed. There's even a couple of instances where there were sword duels and even the use of a cannon!







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Posted by AngelaM on March 15, 2017