Greg Rucka's Wonder Woman

Need to brush up on your Wonder Woman reading? Not to worry, Greg Rucka's got your covered.

In Greg Rucka's Wonder Woman series, we meet a bunch of characters like Ferdinand (Wonder Woman's cook), who's a minotaur but sees himself as a kith-o-taur (yes, he was making 'dad jokes' before they were a thing), there's also Garibaldi who's pretty cool, sarcastic and slays anyone who tries to bring Wonder Woman down as well as the rest of the staff that makes sure Wonder Woman can keep doing her thing. 

There's also no shortage of villains too, there's the notorious Doctor Psycho, Ares, Keyes, Medusa and her sisters, Circe the Witch, Cheetah, Zolomon and Dr. Cale. All of these villains have one thing in common. They all hate Wonder Woman because she either represents everything they aren't, they fear her, or they hate her patron Goddess Athena and seek revenge.

Throughout the series Wonder Woman has written a book about her thoughts and opinions of Earth's government and policies. This book that she publishes, soon becomes a contentious form of literature and becomes fodder for her naysayers. As her book gets torn apart and she battles it out with villains like Medusa, Cheetah and Zolomon, Wonder Woman begins to feel like her mission on Earth is failing. Soon everything for Wonder Woman comes to a halt and she feels she must go into hiding for fear of harming others. Wonder Woman feels that she has failed, but if her loyal staff and supporters have shown her anything, it's that her mission was successful. She has given them hope. Hope for a better and safer tomorrow. While the villains that are pitted against her and her detractors say otherwise, she's done what she can to the best of her ability under the circumstances of which she found herself in. After all, she is Wonder Woman. Amazon. Goddess made from mud. She can do anything.


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Posted by AngelaM on September 12, 2016