Leave Me by Gayle Forman

Leave Me

by Gayle Forman


You can’t be everything to everyone without letting someone down.  This realization comes crashing down on Maribeth Klein when she finds herself in the ER on a regular Friday afternoon having a heart attack.  The 44-year old magazine editor takes care of her twins, her husband, and still manages to read to her children’s pre-school class for story time.  She thinks she’s handling it all, but her heart tells her otherwise.

While recuperating, her family expects life to go back to normal – mom taking care of everything.  But who’s going to take care of Maribeth? When her home health nurse tells her it’s not uncommon for overtaxed mothers to fantasize about prolonged hospital stays for the guilt free nurturing, she realizes no one is going to step up, and decides to do it herself.  She packs a bag, leaves a note, and boards the next train to anywhere but here.  She thinks all she needs is some time alone without the constant demands of her family to get better.  But, as her heart gets stronger, Maribeth discovers there are fears she must face in order to be whom she needs to be – for her family, and herself.

This book is for every mom who dreams, for a fleeting second, of taking the ramp to the highway instead of the road to the soccer field, for every woman who craves to hit the snooze button instead of facing the busyness of everyday, and for every person who’s ever asked, “Why did you leave me?”

Posted by MeganK on April 28, 2017