March Teen Book Club Title

Skink No Surrender Cover Image

For HQ's teen book club this month, I had had some requests that we lighten it up a bit, so I asked if the kids were interested in reading Skink No SurrenderThis was a Battle of the Books book in a prior year, so I had ample opportunity to ask arond and see if it was a good choice for a fun read in between the kind of heavy fantasy series the kids kept choosing. Since some of the teens decided they wanted to read sequels to other stories from book club, I wanted something short so we could all get caught up together.

I am not typically a fan of mysteries, but this book was really fun and entertaining, and had a lot of good messages about being careful about who you interact with online and environmental care and preservation. The characters live in and travel around Florida, and there is a lot of discussion about preserving habitats and how to help local wildlife. The kids are very relatable teens, and the main character reminded me of a lot of great science fiction heroes like Lazarus Long (Heinlein) who are just unbeatable and ridiculous. So, overall, this is a great choice for 10-15 year olds, the kids all enjoyed it, and I may even pursue other Carl Hiaason books.  

Teen book club meets on Thursdays at 4:45 at Headquarter's Branch. Contact Jessica Miller for info @